Monday, October 8, 2007

Peak Oil or Peak Wealth?

Let's Discuss Peak Oil. I've been around long enough, that after a while the crap keeps rhyming. Take the oil shortage panic of the mid-1970's.. didn't that end up being a hoax? Then there was the panic over depletion of the Ozone Layer, remember that one? I guess it must have sowed itself back up. Now we're being alerted that Global Warming is being caused by the burning of fossil fuels on the planet, and a plethora of Doomsday scenarios have burst onto the media realm. This panic sort of rhymes with the early 1970's concern over Acid Rain, which was instigated by a book by Rachael Carlson.

While I believe the concept of Peak Oil is real and will someday arrive, there's no evidence that it has. What is evident is that fully 5% of world oil production is intentionally being kept off the market by t6 the kleptocracy not sharing with gulf locals. And what about the Falklands, whose huge reserves have yet to be tapped? What Big Oil (and the US government) wants is complete control of the amount of oil being put on the market at any time. Control of the "shortages" and the surpluses, so that the financial sharks can make money in the market both ways.

Remember, the last oil shortage occurred during the Vietnam war. And it is pure BS that Big Oil was not in favor of invading Iraq.

Then there's the news nobody hears about, like the 100 miles off the US eastern and Gulf coasts that show 64 times more clean natural gas (methane hydrates) than the entire current-day proven planetary gas reserves!

Folks, it's nothing more than a RIGGED game.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Oil and Gas companies gave Republicans 79% of their $61.5M in campaign contributions - and nobody but Big Oil's Bush was running that last time - SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

Peak Oil is very much a function of social justice. There will be no freedom allowed in producer nations.

Peak Oil is also just another scam to squeeze the middle class. If it were a real crisis, there would be national mobilization for efficiency programs and subsidies. But the ruling elite don't want national mobilization about anything; they want a dumb, divided, easily controlled, populace - which is what they strive to create. So with the Peak Oil excuse, the middle class gets squeezed still further about something they feel is a law of nature and they have no control of, the poor stay poor, and the rich thrive.

Peak Oil is one of a number of myth/scams to move along the process of Peak Wealth Redistribution, made easier by fear.

What Peak Oil does in the US, as proven by experience in Germany, is create a Green Party/environmental movement of educated, well-off, middle class in hysterical opposition to the dumb, dirty, underclass and how they live, and in opposition to all social justice/income equality movements.

Peak Oil is very much a function of social justice. There will now be no freedom allowed in consumer nations.

I have seen this here where I live, where well-off, upper-middle class people are hysterically proposing draconian rules which will result in the complete social control of society, especially the poor and underclass. They refuse to look at the oil consumption curve, which continues to show that oil is consumed in inordinate amounts by the ultra-wealthy, and that conservation can best be accomplished by taxing the rich, rather than penalizing the poor.

The poor of the world are not using up all the world's oil, the rich are. The real problem is income distribution. There is simply no such thing as an environmentally conscious rich person. The wealthy consume more resources than the poor. Solve the problem of the rich who are destroying the world in every way possible, and you solve the problems of a sustainable life.

So, rather than worry about Peak Oil, I think we need to worry about the problems caused by Peak Wealth.


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